Medium & Framing

Artwork Reproduction is the process of capturing an original artwork and creating a high resolution file ready for fine-art printing.

Our printer Southern Bouy capture artworks using a medium-format capture system that has been tailored specifically to Southern Buoy. This bespoke system allows them to achieve unrivaled colour accuracy and detail.

Their artwork reproduction studio is state-of-the-art and equipped to handle artworks of all size, media and depth. Using specifically calibrated lighting systems they are able to capture the most intimate levels of depth, mark making and detail. This means your Maloga Art print will be of outstanding quality.


Lustre Canvas

Designed and manufactured specifically for Southern Buoy, this new and exciting canvas is a premium alternative to satin canvas. Made from 80% Polyester and 20% Cotton, we’ve created an ultra durable and water resistant canvas that doesn’t sacrifice on print quality, instead producing deep vibrant colours and outstanding blacks.

Turn around time

5 Days (Print Only)
2 -3 Weeks (Print + Frame)

Smooth (Hot Pressed) Cotton Rag

Made from 100% cotton and using a hot press production technique, this media features a smooth matte finish with no optical brightening agents. With a natural coloration and a light fast rating of over 100 years, its the media of choice for artwork reproductions, digital works and most photography.

Turn around time

5 Days (Print Only - Framing not available for Cotton Rag prints)


We provide three premium framing options for our Lustre Canvas prints. These are Black American Ash (Black), Flooded Gum (Natural) and White Composite (White). All frames use wood grown sustainably with FSC certification.

Solid Flooded Gum (natural)

A beautiful natural coloured timber that accentuates the earthy and Maloga (sand) tones of your print.

Solid American Ash

This frame provides bolder definition around your print, interacting with the vibrant colours within.

White Composite

The most subtle of our frame options, particularly when destined for a white wall. This frame lets the artwork sit in space and allows focus to remain entirely on your chosen print.

Caring for your Print

All fine art printing is pH neutral, this includes the cotton canvas and cotton rag paper. This preserves the integrity and longevity of your artwork.

When your print is sent, if unframed, it will be rolled and wrapped in cellophane. This cellophane is made of cellulose which is pH neutral, ensuring your print remains protected. This cellophane is also biodegradable, so can be disposed of sustainably.

Our prints are sent rolled so we can guarantee the print face is inwards and protected.

Care instructions are wrapped around every tube sent out.

Please ensure you are wearing cotton gloves when unwrapping your print and at all times your are handling your artwork.

Touching with hands will transfer skin oils which will reduce the archival next of the print. These natural oils won’t show up straight away but in medium to ambient light over 10-15 years, you will notice your print will start to get a yellowing spot.