Maloga Art & Culture Workshops

Maloga Art & Culture Workshops offer a 1.5 hour session for each year level.

During this workshop, students will learn about Aboriginal culture through the eyes of Shanai Kellett who is a Qualified Primary School Teacher and Aboriginal Artist.

Students will create their own painting on a canvas, after learning about Aboriginal symbols and culture, several of them unique to the specific Country on which students live. They will also be given the opportunity to share and show their work via a gallery walk, group discussions, along with mini hands-on learning activities.

These workshops are all linked to the Victorian Curriculum and are differentiated between year levels.

*All materials are provided.

If you are interested in having Shanai come to your school, please get in contact via our Contact page.

Creating Lasting Connection

Each workshop is customised for the respective year level and can be tailored toward current Indigenous programs your school may be running.

These workshops provide a unique opportunity for students to connect with each other and to Country through story telling and hands-on learning.